Charisma Nail Innovation's Floral Acrylic Design

Charisma Nail Innovations offers 48 custom-blended color acrylic powders in four unique collections. Traditional, Glitter, Pearl Essence, and Pastel Color Powder Collections are specifically designed to create stunning, 3-D nail designs.

1. Apply a thin coat of magenta from the Glitter Collection onto the form, creating a free edge.

2. Using a design brush, begin to lay down the petals of the layered flower with white. Use green, turquoise, and yellow from the Traditional Collection to create leaves on the nail plate. Continue to add petals to the flower, and use any combination of colors from the Traditional Collection to accent the design.

3. Add embellishments. For example, use the red, orange, or baby blue colors from the Traditional Collection to create dots and smaller leaves and petals. You can also inlay rhinestones.

4. Cap your entire nail with clear. File and shape the nail. Apply a top coat to the back of the nail and on top to achieve a transparent look.

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