Nail Art Manicure Picture

High-resolution photos of five different ways you can do your nails with nail art.

Clear acrylic nails with special nail art overlay plus glitter. It is a fairly demure nail design that looks mostly natural on the nail bed and has quite neutral colors for the art stickers.

Modern French manicure look with shimmery dark red nail tips. The nail bed is either clear or pink. Fine glitter topcoat adds glamour to the middle of the nails.

Closeup pic shows blood red nail polish for tips with Chevron "V" design. This manicure also has red flower stickers for nail art on each fingernail. The colors and style make it both sexy and feminine.

Long nail design in three colors. The base is pinkish red and the nail art is black and white. This unique look is a reverse french manicure in black and white; it has a matching streak that runs the full length of the nail at right angles to the tips.

Approximately one-inch acrylic nails with royal blue nail polish for base enhanced with art in different colors (green, orange, and fuchsia).

Nail Art Manicure Picture


  1. First picture in my opinion is the best. It's simple and not exaggerated

  2. this is the most amazing nails i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*******************************************


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