Elegant Nail Designs for Brides

Elegant Nail Designs for Brides

Every wedding has photos of the wedding rings. Often there are pictures of the bride and the groom with their hands touching and sometimes when the bride has a perfect manicure, just her hands.

Nails are important to brides just like all the other aspects of bridal beauty. Since it's such a special day, they like a special manicure that is elegant and sophisticated. Here are some wedding photos to give you ideas on pretty manicures.

Elegant Wedding Nail Polish

This has got to be the perfect color for a bride's nails. It's white with a very subtle shimmer and it looks so glamorous and elegant. The nail length is a little longer than average for a bride, but the square shape is beautiful and this photo makes a great addition to the wedding album.

Modern Bride with Pretty Short Nails

Soft silver or pearl nail polish is one of the prettiest colors for a bride. It's a great choice at a wedding because it looks so feminine and looks perfect with a white wedding dress. This is a simple soft traditional bridal manicure with a twist: a row of rhinestones set diagonally across one nail: the nail of the ring finger.

French Wedding Manicure

The bride in this wedding picture has classic French nails with thick white tips. It's simple and elegant. Her nails are styled so the white nail polish starts at the edge of the nail bed. Other French Manicures have shorter white tips, but this is very beautiful, too.

Elegant Acrylic Nail Art for Long Wedding Nails

White and gold is an elegant combination of colors for a wedding. The modest use of color looks very good for the bride with long nails. Subtlety is the key to making bridal nail art look nice. This is a perfect square-tipped manicure. Notice how the long strips of nail art designs make the bride's nails look even longer.


  1. Lovely. Simple and elegant!

  2. simple and elegant...where's the art?


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