Beautiful Nail Art Designs

Beautiful Nail Art Designs

I love to decorate my nails especially when I am bored or I just find my unpainted fingernails dull and boring and because french tip acrylic nail designs seemed to have become passe, I am already checking out local parlors that offer unique nail designs. Unfortunately, I always realize that these beauty parlors and grooming salons do not actually offer hand painted nail art designs but only use those commercially available sticker diy nail designs.

If you are in the same dilemma like me (well, if you also happen to like flaunting fingernails with cool nail designs :-) ), you might consider purchasing a nail art stamp instead.

Anyway, here is a nail art designs gallery. I have scoured online to find beautiful nail polish designs and acrylic nail designs:

nail designs - pictures

zebra nail designs

finger nail designs

summer nail designs

nail painting designs

strawberry cute nail design

nail art designs lines

checkered tip hand nail designs

Nail Art Tutorial

Nail Art How To

nail2_1.jpg image by neeshu30
Beautiful Nail Art Designs


  1. ilove youre nail designs....(= please do tutorials..

  2. It is very nice. But the nail polish brush is thick and the one u r using is thin.. there is special thin brush?

  3. the fish nails are the best!

  4. i love it.....its fab..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i like the 1 wit the lips dats cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. the nails are lovely............but the issue is abt the brush


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