How to Remove False Nails With Acetone
How to Remove False Nails With Acetone

False nails are also called fake nails, artificial nails or acrylic nails. False nails are applied onto the natural nails of a person using an adhesive enhancement like acrylic. It’s been found to be safe as long as the person doing it knows what they are doing. Your best bet is to have a professional that knows the latest methods do the whole process of applying your false nails.

The usual problem with false nails? It’s how to remove them safely after they have lost their luster. I cannot stress enough the importance of removing false nails the right way. If you do not know how to, you risk damaging your natural nails.The most common way is to use acetone. Make sure the product you buy from your local store is pure acetone.You must then clip the false nails as short as possible but don’t force it.

Dip your hands in warm water. Wet some cotton balls with the pure acetone you bought and put it on top of your false nails. Wrap aluminum foil tightly around each finger. Leave the foil over your false nails for over 20 minutes. Right after that, you can remove it and use an orange stick and remove the acrylic. The false nails should come off. If there are some traces left, just do the process again.

Remember to moisturize your hands with moisturizers or creams because the acetone tends to dry your skin. Consider using intensive moisture treatment.

So, if you are planning to get rid of your false nails soon, try not to rip them off. Instead, follow the simple instructions above and the others on this site and your nails should be fine

False Nails

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