Celebrity Nails Art Designs

Nail Art - Celebrity Obsessed - Summer Fall 2009

When it comes to nail art, one woman readily admits that she is completely addicted to the stuff. Solange Knowles has been known to sport manicures with domino dots and Union Jack to initials and diamonds embedded in the lacquer.

Solange Knowles Nail Art Designs



Beyonce Knowles’ little sister says that for the previous 2 years she has been addicted to trying all sorts of designs on her nails, and thinks that some of the artists that have done work on her nails should have work in museums.



Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas has been known to show off mega nail art while in concert as well. From glittering letters to Japanese nail art forms including dangles and hoops, Fergie says she is as obsessed with nail art as she is with music.

Fergie Nail Art Designs



Kim Kardashian may be all fashion and fun, but when it comes to her nails, she goes for a subtle nail art design: with diamond chips and glitter!

Kim Kardashian’s Nails


Showing off her fab fingers and luscious nails, Kim says she can be found in her free time at the local salon getting new nail art on a monthly basis. She says that without the proper accoutrements for an outfit like nail art, the outfit loses all its pizzazz.

Kim Kardashian

Nail art has been around for centuries, but has only in the past 20 years become popular with the younger crowd. From peircings through the nail for dangles of all sorts, to diamond chips and initials, nail art has turned into quite a profitable business

Fergie Nail Art Designs





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