How To Do Nail Art

How To Do Nail Art

What is nail art? It's the latest way to show beauty and express your individuality. Why do you need to have art on your nails? To spice up the way you look. So how do you do nail art? It's easy and all you need to do is follow some of the steps below:

1. Make sure your nails are in good shape.

2. Choose the right products. There are a multitude of different paints and polishes available for nail art, and your choice of products is completely up to you. You can buy nail art kits or you can improvise. A toothpick or bobby pin, for example, can help you apply dots and swirl colors with precision. Perhaps most importantly, though, make sure you have pure acetone for quickly removing mistakes.

3. Look for ideas and techniques. There are several sites on which people post their latest creations, and you can also find a few forums frequented by beginners and pros alike.

4. Get your materials ready. Before you begin, make sure you have everything you need ready and accessible, especially acetone for quickly removing mistakes.

5. Give your nails a base coat. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can paint your nails a neutral color, such as clear, white, pale beige or pink, or you can paint them any other color you desire. You may also wish to divide the nail into two or three different colors.

6. Create your nail art on top of the base coat. Keep your art simple. Simple designs are often the most beautiful, and if you’re a beginner your chances of success are far greater the simpler your art is.

7. Apply a top coat. Once all your nail art is dry, paint over it with a clear protective acrylic top coat to seal and protect your nail and your hard work.

8. Care for your art. Reapply a clear top coat every two or three days to protect your art and to keep your nails looking shiny, and apply cuticle oil daily.

Some nail art design tips:
- Try to blend colors on the nail
- Apply jewels or stickers

Health warning:
- If you experience an adverse reaction to a product, thoroughly wash your hands, use acetone to remove it, if necessary, and discontinue using the product. You may be allergic to it
- Acetone and many nail polishes give off fumes and are flammable. Use in a well-ventilated area, and avoid fire, sparks, or smoking around these products or while they are wet on your nails.

Now, as a bonus, here's a video of nail art photos. Enjoy watching!

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