Which Nail Colors Match with You ?


Which Nail Colors Match with You ?

Matching colors with the skin tone is very important. No matter what skin tone you have ,if we do professional to match the wardrobe, lipstick or nail polish colors into our skin, It will be look great and nice.

Let’s see which colors do match for you :



Your brown skin has unique and beautiful appearance. If you have a dark skin tone, surely you can get away with darker colors of nail polish, such as blacks, deep blue, reds. And for the best choice it looks better with medium to dark nail polish such as green ,yellow and other bright nail polishes. Using it confidently make your appearance look beautiful.


If you have light skin tone, lighter tones of nail polish such as pink, soft yellow, gold and beige are not look good. Light skin looks better with light to medium nail polish such as ocean blue, red berry ,shocking pink and blacks. Light skin is easy to match with kind colors, but not all colors are match..so don’t make a mistake .

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