2009 Nail Art Trends

Nail art has been steadily increasing in popularity for many reasons and the main one would be because it can potentially transform a woman to become as stylish and fashionable as she wants. The possibilities offered by nail art are endless and when used well, is able to complement all sorts of fashion style. For that matter, let’s have a closer inspection on some of the best known nail art trends.


2009 Nail Art Trends

Firstly, nail art are generally either created either by using nail brushes with extra-fine tips or with airbrush machines for complex designs. The simple and basic nail art designs can be and often done by individuals on their own with the airbrushed designs done professionally at salons.


One of the more popular nail art trends is to have one or even all of the nails pierced. Strange as it may sound, nail piercings are actually quite common and popular. As a matter of fact, it is painless. Pierced nails are often. These pierced nails are often fitted with hoops or studs the same way earrings are worn.


Another popular nail art trend would be for gemstones to be worn. These tiny gemstones including birthstones are inserted by professionals using a pair of tweezers.


Another common and popular nail art trend would be by wearing glitter. Glitter nail art are most often worn on the tip and is best advised to be done by professionals unless if you possess the expertise of course.


These are among the many different nail art trends there are for you to adopt and try.

2009 Nail Art Trends

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