Nails Manicure: How To Get Long Lasting Nails Manicure
How To Get Long Lasting Nails Manicure

If you want to learn about how to get long lasting nails manicure, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically, we’ll discuss tips before applying nail polish, the importance of moisturizing your hands and nails and why applying two coats are better than one. After reading this article, you should be able to manage your nails and keep your nails manicure longer.

One of the most common tips for a longer lasting nails manicure is polishing your nails. People always just polish their nails and forget about it then later blame the polish brand because of the chipping.

What you have to do is apply two coats. The first is the base coat. This is important because it sticks better than polish and is effective for uneven nail surfaces. Then you have to use a top coat. Do not go with quick drying ones so the top coat will be harder and more protective. The top coat stops the chipping and is easily re-doable. Just apply the top coat for maintenance every other week to maintain the nail’s color and keep it flawless. Also, remember to not push back those dry cuticles because it will only lead to chipping.

Since we are talking about applying coats, before that, you must make sure you don’t soak your fingertips in water because the nail expands and is a cause for chipping. Make sure the surface is even and clean so application is easy and hassle free.

Another good nails manicure recommendation is to apply moisturizer. Use hand and nail cream often and also consider doing intensive moisture treatment once a week. That will certainly keep your nails manicure longer.

One more tip, if you don’t like polish, it’s actually good because it is always great to see natural, healthy nails and you don’t even have to worry about chipping. Buff your nails rather than painting on them so you save your hard earned cash and also your precious time.

So, if you want your nails manicure to be longer lasting, then I suggest you follow all the points mentioned above. You have to check your nails before applying polish, moisturize and take care of your hands and make sure to apply two coats, a base coat and a top coat so it elongates the lifespan of your nails manicure and lessens the chipping. Now go and try it out for yourself. You might not even have to go to your local nail salon anymore because you will definitely see the difference.

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