Nail Color In Fashion

It's red for the night - we are talking pure fire-engine matte red, the sort of red that makes men go week at the knees and declares you're a bad girl.

The pinks and purples which held sway for a bit have now become the officially day time colors.
The fantastic steel gray, which became a universal shade for the wannabe hip cats have now come back and is so much in fashion.

The neon greens and blues are best left to the teen brigade where they are slowly crawling down the ladder from hip to has-been.

Transparent camels and frosted sables are the shades to watch out for on toes. These are the shades they're showing off in open toed sling-backs in Hollywood. They're also wearing matte and opalescent whites. However, since both pale and pearly nail polish tend to highlight any bumps or ridges, prime nails with a clear base coat first.

Nail polish with Shimmer is so in fashion that all the top brands like Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent and L'Oreal have got an entire range to show off .
sheer coat - the transparent shines are the surest, softest and the most chic look amongst the haves. Let those with the soft sheen of gloss show the true shade of the nail underneath.

For the woman who has more chores like cooking and cleaning to be done, such daredevil bravery of using a sheer coat is uncalled for… such women should get themselves a skin tone matte, or a light peach opalescent. It doesn't show as much when it chips.
Darker colored polishes diminish imperfections by absorbing light and are easier to touch-up. The more transparent you go, the better shape your nails have to be in.

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