Healthy Food For Healthy Nails
Healthy Food For Healthy Nails

Aside from keeping our nails trimmed and clean, we must also maintain a good diet. Nails reflect what we eat. If we eat healthy foods and maintain healthy lifestyle, then it will surely show off with our nails. Here are just some food recommendations to a healthy nail:
1. Apple
2. Asparagus
3. Brown Rice
4. Cucumber
5. Egg
6. Garlic
7. Grapes
8. Liver
9. Nuts
10. Onions
11. Salmon
12. Seeds
13. Soy
14. Tuna
15. Whole Grains

You don’t need to go often to salons to maintain lovely nails. You can always do this in the comfort of your homes as long as you are willing to change a bit of your daily lifestyle. Having a good diet is much better and a lot cheaper than frequenting the salons.

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