How to Take Care of Diabetic Feet

How to Take Care of Diabetic Feet

Being infected with diabetis can have so many complications and restrictions. Aside from limitations in food and beverages, diabetics are also not allowed to get injured. This ailment, if not taken care of, can lead to a weaken immune system. This means wounds heal slower and longer, Or worse, sometimes, they just don’t. Manicures and pedicures are a common concern for women patients. Of course, you do not want to look sick and sick right? You want to look sickly beautiful in spite of your condition.

However, the process of cuticle removal can lead to some serious damage especially for the toes. If you’re used to having an in-depth cleaning, you might tear off some sensitive skins and thus you bleed.

Here in the Philippines, women opt to in-depth cleaning making sure all cuticles, ingrown and all the hard stuff surrounding the nail are removed. And there are reported cases of toe wounds not healing for the diabetics.

Some say sugar levels start off with the toes. Perhaps, this is the reason why some patients have their legs amputated in hopes to stop its continuum rise. And since we all know beauty and hygiene is a must, experts have developed some tips on feet care that will keep your feet healthy and beautiful at the same time.

First always wash your feet with luke warm water and a mild soap. Of course you don’t want to grow fungi or any other bacteria that will make your toes itchy. You can also apply lotion after drying the feet but leave the in-betweens alone.

Check your feet for boils, cracks or anything out of the ordinary. You’ll never know when you’ll have a serious foot injury. Diabetics are prone to cracked nails since they have an altered feet sensation. Monitor this nail and see if it can cause other injuries or whatsoever.

Trim your nails neatly. If you crave for a salon do-over for your nails, you can. You can choose not to go under cuticle removing. Nail arts are not prohibited. Just as long as the process doesn’t injure your feet then I guess its ok. If you want to do a little cuticle removing, better consult you family doctor to assure safety. He’ll probably check your sugar levels and see if you are ready to avail that pedicure.

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