Using A Glass Nail File for Best Results
Using A Glass Nail File for Best Results

When it comes to nail files, there’s just so many to choose from. You have your metal nail files and wood nail files. I don’t recommend using meta nail files because using these can cause your nails to rip. This creates an ugly looking rough and jagged finish. Same goes to using coarse wood nail files.

What you want is to use a nail file that is very fine and glides just across your nails giving you perfect control on the way you want it to finish. You can use fine wood nail files or emery boards for these or you can use the latest industry standard which are the glass nail files.

A glass nail file is the best when it comes to filing your nails. They are very gentle to the nails and are extremely fine and smooth giving you the perfect smooth nails ready for nails manicure. A glass nail file can also be washed and sterilized, without the risk of ruining the nail file itself. When constantly maintaining it by washing and wiping it off after every use, it will look and feel brand new for a very long time.

Try out a glass nail file for yourself and see why it’s the best in doing it’s job.

Glass Nail File

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