Nail Art by Roxie

Nail Art by Roxie

Full special nail set with same fancy artistic design on each fingernail.

Base color is dark blue/purple. Design colors include yellow and green.

Chic Glamour Nails

Elegant presentation of mostly very dark
nail art with gold rings and pearl necklace

Long Nails Picture

Dark blue manicure with simple yellow and green nail design

Goth-Like Glam

Long and wide artificial nails with lightly shimmery dark base polish

Very Long Nails

Closeup view of easily decorated but dramatically curved long nails

Ten Perfect Nails

Photo showing full set of colorful artificial
nails with white lace background

Fully Glam Nail Enhancements

Matching artificial fingernails and toenails

Creative Manicure and Pedicure

Elegant woman's purple-blue square-tipped
toenails and fingernails with same nail art

High Heels and Pretty Nails

Fun and fancy summer nail art idea for coordinated hands and feet

Nail Art by Roxie

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