Getting Creative With Nail Art
Getting Creative With Nail Art

I‘d like to think that mankind has always been blessed with a creative mind, always wanting to create and make beautiful designs. From the drawings on cave walls during the stone ages, to the wonderful art designs we see today, humanity has and will always be a creative race.

And when it comes to women and their nails, this is no different. The latest and trendiest in fashion statements today is undoubtedly Nail Art. More than just a style, nail art is a statement. It’s a declaration of one’s persona, mood and character. And like any art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What is Nail Art?

If you’re wondering what nail art is, it’s simply designs or drawings on nails using different colored nail polish. But using a brush on your little canvas, that is your fingernail, can be pretty hard so in making nail art you usually do this by airbrushing nails or using nail art pens.

With airbrush nails, you use a stencil that is precut with the designs you have in mind then with an airbrush gun connected to a colored nail polish, you airbrush the design on to your nail, then dry and apply the top-coat and voila, you very own nail art.

Recently however, getting nail art nails have never been easier. With nail art pens, all you do is apply the base coat for your nails, then get out your colored nail art pens and start drawing. If you make a mistake, all you need to do is get a cotton pad and wipe it off. Mix and match the colors you want! Make any designs from anything from emoticons to numbers to letters to simple lines and dots, anything your creative mind can think of. When you’re all done, apply the top coat and you’re done.

Nail art is also great for that special occasion. Be creative when celebrating your birthday, anniversary, valentines or wedding day. People are also known to make nail art for independence day, Halloween and Christmas.

And if you’re mind is running blank, to get creative simply search online for some of the nail art people have created for themselves.

In a nutshell, simply go wild with nail art.

nail art christmas design

Konad + jewels. =)

nail art christmas design

French manicure + jewels.

snow nail sponge art design

Sponge art.

bubbles and butterflies konad nail art design

Bubbles and Butterflies

konad nail design

purple konad nail design

Getting Creative With Nail Art

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