Nail Designs by Stephanie

12 Nail Designs by Stephanie with lots of different colors

Shimmery navy blue nail
polish and "spam" sticker

Blue nail art with very large beads

Very long tapered nail with rectangular boxes

Fuchsia base and different-sized blue dots

Bronze enamel and lots of decorations in different shapes

Cute flower decals in matte
white and other metallic colors

Purple acrylic nail with
star cutout and tassle

Boldly Colored Nail Design

Beautiful nail color combination for
Hispanic and African American women

Long red nail with squoval tip that either had part of the nail cut out or just painted white followed by black outline

Clear acrylic nail with dark
blue rectangular decorations

Easy nail design with different colors on each fingernail

Long dark nail design with
thick and heavy shiny stars

Nail Designs by Stephanie

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