Do You Have Sally Hansen Nails?
Do You Have Sally Hansen Nails?

All nails manicure products are definitely NOT the same. Some are cheap and really made of poor quality while some are really on the expensive side but are worth every penny. Just because all of them says nail polish doesn’t mean they all look the same, have the same shades or colors and will lasts as long as you’d like it.

Personally, when it comes to nails manicure, I always like to pamper myself and get the best or almost the best products available. Never go for the really cheap ones, as I’ve known people who have had very bad experiences with them. Some even got infections from using really cheap, poor quality nails manicure products. So remember to choose wisely.

One brand that I’m particularly fond of is Sally Hansen Nails products. Although there have been quite a bit of mixed reviews about it, I personally have had no trouble with it. I’m especially fond of the Sally Hansen nails polish, I found it doesn’t chip off easily, maybe starts chipping off 2-3 weeks after, and also the polish lasts for at least a week. I’ve tried the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength, and it also doesn’t chip and has an awesome color to go with it. It strengthens your fingernails and in no time you’ll be able to feel the difference. It’s also very easy to use and isn’t at all sticky. Another one of my Sally Hansen Nails favourite is the Prisms. If you adore beautiful sparkling diamonds then you’ll definitely love this.

And lastly, if you’re into nail art then you have to try Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen. It’s like being a kid with a crayon all over again. Making nail art just became so much easier. Similar to your ordinary highlighter, all you need to do is remove the top and draw. It comes in 8 different colors including black, white, silver and gold and has a sharp pointy tip so drawing lines doesn’t have to be a pain.

If you make a mistake, no problem. Just wipe off with a wet cloth and go at it again. When you’re done with your masterpiece, just apply a top coat and your good to go! Have fun with your Sally Hansen Nails!

Sally Hansen Nails

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  1. I personally like the nude colored nail polish you posted here. I own many Sally Hansen nail polishes and decals. I love painted nails. I feel so special. :) I own the Emerald City nail polish and ADORE. I just wish it was thicker.


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