Solar Oil - The Secrets to Having Beautiful Skin and Nails
The Secrets to Having Beautiful Skin and Nails

Solar Nail is a product originally invented by the Creative Nail Design Systems. These include the Original Solar Nail, Radical Solar Nail, Retention + and Moxie acrylic systems. If you want your nails to get the “Solar Nail” treatment you should be using the original products instead of the countless other “copy cat” products that have popped out over the years.

Another original Solar Nail product by the Creative Nail Design Systems is the Solar Oil. Made from all natural ingredients; Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, this perfect blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E is designed to deeply penetrate and protect both the skin and nails.

Each ingredient of Solar Oil has an impact on your skin and nails. The main ingredient Jojoba Oil, carries Vitamin E deep into the skin is a proven method to reduce visible signs of aging by preventing cellular damage. It is also a naturally light oil that keeps the skin soft, drawing Sweet Almond Oil deep into the natural nails, nail enamel and nail enhancements keeping them growing tougher and more flexible.

To get the best results from Solar Oil, you have to use it everyday. Regularly and constantly. Doing so results in stronger and more beautiful nails in no time.

An added benefit of Solar Oil is that it has natural anti-inflammatory characteristics so it can be used on bites, scars or burns, anywhere in the body.

And last but not the least, no other oil does the job so well. Solar Oil has been voted and recognized as a top skin and nail product by beauty magazine editors worldwide.

Solar Oil

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