Photos of French Manicure

Nail Art by Roxie

Nine photos of French manicure and matching pedicure with nail design.

Long acrylic fingernails and toenails. Overlay design color is only white.

Look is sophisticated and sexy.

Long French Manicure

Beautiful French manicure nail art on full set of nails

Elegant and Extreme

Very long acrylic nails with French white nail design

Dramatic French Manicure

Natural nailbed color with twisty Chevron style tips

French Manicure and Pedicure

Very cute French nail art manicure and matching pedicure

French Nails Plus

Pretty French pedicure with long acrylic toenails

Hot Pedicure

Glamorous woman in high heels with
long pedicure and gold toe rings

New Toenails Photo

Side photo showing acrylic toe nail curvature and length

Toe Nail Art

Stylish white toe nail enhancements with square tips

Pedicure with Nail Art

How to dress up your feet for a night out in high style

Photos of French Manicure

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