6 Steps To Great Artificial Nails Day After Day

6 Steps To Great Artificial Nails Day After Day

You can easily manage and apply your artificial nails at home nowadays. With the rapid spread of nail enhancement kits, artificial nails are now more popular than ever. These kits come with their own adhesive element. The artificial nails are also easily cut so you can style it the way you want it.

Clean And Dry Your Natural Nails
This is important so you don’t have problems with attaching the artificial nails. Make sure it is dry because if it is wet, it will only lead to chipping and then file your nails.

Make Sure You Have The Right Size
You should be sure with the size of the artificial nail. If needed, file the edges to get that perfect fit for your fingers.

Put On Adhesive
Put on the adhesive included with the artificial nails kit. Spread it out to a thin layer on your natural nails.

Properly Position Your Artificial Nails
Position the artificial nail close to the cuticle. Make sure it does not touch it though. Press down lightly and don’t take off your finger just yet to allow it to stick properly.

File the Edges
After it sticks properly in position, you should proceed to file the edges that are rough.

As mentioned in a previous post about nails manicure, you should put two coats on, a base coat and a top coat. The base coat will act as a primer and the top coat will protect the nail longer.

Try to remove your artificial nails once every month and do not put it on until after a week. You can go as long as 6 months depending on the product you are using. Do not use glue, only proper adhesive can be used so you do not permanently damage your natural nails.

A final word of advice, take care of your artificial nails and do not rip them off if you want to get rid of them.










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