Pretty Nail Art

Wedding Nail Art
This has a very eccentric 'White Wedding' feel to it, with ivory beads and lace. Gothic, pretty and oh-so-couture! :)

Sakura Nail Art
Very Para-Para Sakura, ain't it? I like the yellow beading in the middle, and the blend of dark violets and pale pinks. The curve of the petals are pretty, too.

Black White Nail Art
My personal favourite. It's diverse with beading. Some might call is messy, but I find it gorgeous. I like the line of gemstones on one of them. Very 19th century ballgown belle. The silvery base and black tips are definitely French manicure at its best!

Christmas Nail Art
Merry Christmas packed into your fingertips...literally! Nothing beats festive nails. Christmas might be over and done, but there's no excuse for your nails to miss out the fun! Snowflakes, and fake gems lining the quick, it's perfect for a night out with buddies. Everyone would be admiring the extra effort you made.

Flower Nail Art
This is simple, sticker nail art. But it's pretty anyway. Ideal for just going out with buddies, or camwhoring. Or maybe trying to remain stylish when you're clawing the eyes of your ex's new girlfriend.

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